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Five Tips for Successful Grant Writing

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Fund Raising, Nonprofit

Five Tips for Successful Grant Writing Grant writing is as much art as it is science Writing a grant proposal can be either a labor of love…or a nightmare that raises your stress level and keeps you awake at night. To strike a happy median, for all of the proposals that we write, keeping both our passion and sanity, follow these five simple tips for greater success. First, and I cannot stress this enough, do your research! Foundations, (and the government as well for that matter), have specific priorities and guidelines for the grants they award. They go to great pains to elaborate this information on their website. When we do not follow their guidance, not only do we eliminate ourselves form the pool of contenders, but we also have shown ourselves to be people who don’t follow directions and leave the funders with the question, “can we be responsible with the funds.?” Second, stress what you bring to the relationship. All grant funding is about partnerships. It really isn’t about you. It is about the lives that will change when you and the funder work together. Create a vivid picture for the funder about the impact they will make working through your organziation. Third, be brief and concise. Particularly in this day of online grant applications, choose your words carefully and get to the point. Foundations are reporting that more and more people are seeking grant funding which translates into more proposals to read. Include essential information, told through a story where possible. Don’t belabor a point. Fourth, answer questions thoroughly. This comes from my experience being a “grant reviewer,”(as we were called), for DESE many years ago. State and federal grants all award points to questions and are looking for certain information. Give them the information they are looking for as it applies to your program/organization. If you are unable to do this then this is probably an indication that you are not a good candidate for this grant. Finally, be positive and enthusiastic. Writing a grant proposal can be lonely, exhausting, stressful and/or a number of other adjectives. Before starting to write, talk with some some of your clients or donors, to get back in touch with why you are doing this work. This shot of energy will renew your passion and focus your writing on the people whose lives you are working to change for the...

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Employee Loyalty

Posted on Aug 20, 2014 in Leadership, Nonprofit

Employee Loyalty Volumes have been written about donor loyalty, in fact a quick search of Google reveals that there are 1,650,000 mentions of “donor loyalty” as of this date. A question that has been swimming around in my mind of late is…what are we doing about “employee loyalty.” How do we take care of our employees so that they are not fleeing at the first possible moment? In the nonprofit world we see this in a very high turnover rate that includes both executive directors and development staff What about the people who stay? What secret ingredients are involved in keeping good people working and thriving year after year? The following posts will explore these...

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Getting Started in Advancement Resources

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Getting Started in Development… Resources *** Simone Joyaux This is the premier resource site. Simone is an internationally known nonprofit consultant and has all the information on her site that you could possible want to not only get rolling in Development but EXCEL. I have heard her speak numerous times and I use her resources from her Free Download Library. I also have her books and refer back to them. If you only take one resource from the list…I would take this one. Sign up for Simone’s monthly “Newsyletter”…you will enjoy it very much. *** Tom Ahern Tom is the guru for writing Donor Newsletters and appeals. I have seen him at conferences and workshops. Also, he is funny, enjoyable and VERY knowledgable. Tom also has a monthly newsletter that I read and enjoy. These folks are not only very smart but they both keep up with all the latest data, best practices, etc. *** Chris Davenport Chris runs a site called Movie Mondays. it is definitely worth signing up for. Five minute videos on all aspects of development. It is free *** Veritus Group: Passionate Giving Blog *** Association of Fundraising Professionals (this is the National site) is the MA chapter is then Rhode Island chapter *** Grant Professionals Association This is an excellent resource for any of you who are grant writing (although I know that is a special challenge for religious based schools) *** The Catholic Funding Guide probably your best resource for grants for catholic education *** Foundation Center This is a subscription based database for grant writing. I use the Foundation Directory Online subscription…it can get very pricey. You are better off sticking with The Catholic Funding Guide *** Metrowest Nonprofit Network This is a great resource for any of you in this region. They hold workshops and have speakers in who are excellent…great resource. *** Center for Nonprofit management @ Stonehill College Tremendous resource if you are south of Boston. They hold monthly workshops at VERY affordable rates and are a place where you can come in and use their resources if you don’t have subscriptions to all the journals, grant searching data bases, etc. They are WONDERFUL and extremely helpful. (Even if you just have a question, give them a call) *** Emerson & Church Publishers This MA based publisher is my “go to” place for development books…paperbacks that cover nearly all the tops you want to read up on. They are fast reads, relatively inexpensive…but gold mines of...

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Philanthropy vs Deep Pockets

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

For the past eight years I have been privileged to work in the field of Philanthropy. I have filled many roles during that time as interim development director, development director, grant writer, and ED. During that time, if I had money for each occasion someone said to me, “we just need to find some folks with deep pockets…,” I could have retired by now! My initial reaction to this phrase and attitude is always the same…and I do my best to keep my temper. I am always tempted to say that it is that attitude that keeps people away! Philanthropy is about engaging people who want to change the world…you have the vehicle to help them reach THEIR goal! I view philanthropy as matchmaking.. My job is to find people who are passionate about the cause I am advocating…listening for what turned them on to this cause, and sharing the story of my organization. If I can tell that story so that it resonates with their heart, we have each found a sole mate who will become part of the mission. See…deep pockets aren’t...

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Grant Writing: A Good News/Bad News Story

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

GW for ACAAP 2013  

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