Denise Sheppard Services

Development Consultant
Are you a new Executive Director in a one person shop or a seasoned pro needing a fresh look at the changing financial landscape of fundraising? Not sure how exactly to get the fund raising part of the job off the ground? I can help you create your fundraising plan and demonstrate how best to implement it. We will map out the strategies necessary for your success as well as that of your organization. We will build your case for support which is fundamental in going forward to establish long term donor relationships. Strengthening individual donor relationships, developing major gift strategies, planning special events and all the considerations that go with them, board training and development so that your Board members become your partners in growing your nonprofit and its relationship in the community, are among the areas that need to be considered and that I can help you develop.

Are you thinking long term and ready to start on a strategic plan? Knowing who to involve and how to organize the process from the beginning will save you time in the end. When you find yourself in any of these situations, let’s talk. I can help.

Are you in need of a speaker for your Board Training, Staff Development or annual Conference? I have experience in all three of these areas and can help. If you need an “experienced outsider” to get your message across to fire up your team, please give me a call.

Interim Development Director
Organizations spend an average of 4 to 6 months searching for a new Development Director. This role is far too crucial to an organization to leave unfilled. During that time you still need to maintain your close connections with your donors keeping up good stewardship practices. Those phone calls, thank you letters and receipts still need to be made in a very timely fashion. Board members are still depending on updated reports. Grants still need to be written and reports made to the foundations. This is also the best time to complete a Development Audit. This will help determine where your fundraising efforts should go. It will also help you identify the professional strengths of the new candidate you will choose. When you find yourself in this situation, let’s talk. I can help.

Grant Writer
Grant writing is both art and science and it is a great source of income for your nonprofit and should be a part of every Development Plan. Researching, planning, and developing relationships are all very time intensive activities done prior to writing a successful grant. These are the drawbacks for many nonprofits. For those with a limited number of staff members hiring a grant writer is your most cost effective approach. When you find yourself in this situation, let’s talk. I can help.

Grants Planning
Do you find yourself scrambling from one foundation to another…frantic to find one that meets your needs immediately? Are you stopping when you get a chance to research some grants only to find that you have missed the one deadline that your ideal the foundation has a year? If this describes your situation you are in need of a Grants Plan. Working with you to understand your needs I can create a plan for your organization for a year with all appropriate foundation information in one place. You will know when a deadline is approaching; an appropriate “ask” amount; up to date areas of support & interest; and information that will increase the likelihood of involving your board. A Grants Plan is appropriate for all organizations that include grants as a major source of revenue for their nonprofit. When you find yourself in this situation, let’s talk. I can help.