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Time Management

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 in Leadership, Nonprofit, Time Management

Time issues seem to plague everyone whether you are managing a large corporation, a fledgling nonprofit or any size in between. The demands on our time have become huge and include not only the people in the near vicinity, but thanks to the Internet, connections around the world. How do you manage this constant flow of interruptions? Everyone gets the same 24 hours/1440 minutes a day. Are you able to prioritize? Do you have anyone to delegate some of the responsibility to? One strategy I have used, and that I periodically need to be reminded to return to, is the matrix below that forces me to separate the Urgent and Important form the Unimportant and Not Urgent. Urgent Not Urgent Important Office emergency Grant deadline Budget for Board Presentation for major client Strategic Planning Quality Family Time Assessment of vision and values Time for exercise and reflection Not Important Unnecessary meetings/phone calls “ping on” for email and voice mail Drop in visitors Excessive web browsing Busy work easily done by staff This is by no means everyone’s list of priorities…they vary by job and responsibility. It is an illustration of how time can be managed more effectively and by proper planning things that often appear in the Urgent/Important column can easily be scheduled into the Important/Not Urgent category. Wishing you a day of time well...

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